• MS4Se
    3 Part Differential

    An approach Blood Formula ... New ! Small Size robust & great strength with high throughput & unmatched CV%

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  • MS93s
    3 Part Differential

    100 tests per hour --- 3 Part-Diff Automated Hematology Cell Counter

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  • MS4s
    5 Part Differential

    2 possibilities -- 3-part diff: 60 samples / hour -- 5-part diff: 40 samples / hour .. 1 machine
    An analyser which FITS to all your needs

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  • MS95s
    5 Part Differential

    Power ... Compactness ... Reliability

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About Us

Mr. Manash P Baruah founded HD Consortium India in 1993. HDC is sales & service providers of Medical & Laboratory Equipments.

HD Consortium India is representing the following companies in India on Exclusive basis.

* Melet Schloesing Laboratories, France

* HDC has been representing MS Lab exclusively since last 15 years.

* HD Consortium India has a total manpower of Ninety Plus (90+) people who are involved dedicatedly in sales and after sale service of the Medical Equipments. Our Executives are Post Graduate with Degree in Business Management and Service Engineers are Degree holder in Electronic Engineering & Biomedical Engineering field.

HDCI has not only made a name in the field of Critical Care equipments but has become the reference point/yardstick for after sales service. The dedicated sales and service department of HD Consortium India provide more than 95% uptime of instruments supplied and all competitors, including multinational companies are finding it hard to reach anywhere near 80%.

HDCI has Branch offices in Chandigarh, Lucknow, Kolkata, Guwahati, Bhubaneswar and many others.

HDCI has Installation bases in most of the reputed Hospitals & Research Centres.

HDCI is maintaining around 800 Installations. HDC provides the service contracts and regular supply of consumables and spare parts required for maintaining the instrument.

Mr. Manash P Baruah with Dr. Francois Melet, France has done a technology transfer for the manufacturing of Hematology Reagents in India. For which a new company "Melet Schloesing Laboratoires India" is formed.

All reagents for MS LAB Hematology Machines in Asia are being produced & supplied from MS Laboratoires India, Guwahati. The reagent factory is one of the largest In-Vitro Diagnostic Factory in Asia.